What is inverter technology, and why it is important in choosing an air conditioner?

When you next buy an air conditioner, there’s one must-have feature that you need to look for – inverter technology.

Released in 1980, this smart technology is used in most leading air conditioners and greatly improves their function and efficiency. Here’s what you need to know about inverter air conditioners.


How does inverter technology work?

Air conditioners without inverter technology can either work at maximum capacity or switch off. To control temperature, they blast cool air into the room then turn off when the desired temperature is reached. When the temperature increases, they turn back on and the on/off cycle starts again.

With this type of technology:

  • The components in the air conditioning unit wear out sooner.
  • Temperature control fluctuates as the unit turns off and on.
  • The air conditioning unit runs inefficiently using more of electricity.

Air conditioners with inverter technology work a little differently. The inverter technology allows them to moderate the speed of their compressor and remain on while maintaining a stable temperature. For example, this means they can run at 100% power to reach a desired temperature then drop down to 50% or 30% power to maintain it. Smart right?

This technology revolutionised air conditioners when it was invented for air conditioning and made them better in almost every way. However, there are still non-inverter air con units on the market so you need to keep an eye out when selecting your next unit.


Why is inverter technology a must-have?

The ability to moderate the speed of the air con’s motor and compressor has many practical benefits that’ll save you money, extend the life of your air conditioner and keep you more comfortable.

Here are a few of the benefits of inverter air conditioners compared to non-inverter units:

  • Less temperature fluctuation and more accurate temperature control (so you won’t get too hot or too cold).
  • Much higher efficiency. Uses to up to 30% less electricity to maintain the same temperature.
  • Quieter since the motor isn’t turning off and on repetitively.
  • Since inverter air conditioners don’t have to turn off and on and constantly run at maximum power, their components experience less wear and tear and usually last longer.

Why is inverter technology so much more efficient and effective? To understand its advantages over non inverter technology, imagine you’re riding a bike.

If you have to slam on the brakes to stop and start repeatedly (like a non-inverter air conditioner), you’re going to exert a lot of energy to travel a small distance. You may even wear out your brakes and pedals. On the other hand, if you coast along using your brakes to maintain the same speed (like an inverter air conditioner), you’ll get to your destination using far less energy.


Which air conditioners have inverter technology?

Carrier Air’s entire range of air conditioners feature modern inverter technology for maximum comfort and efficiency. That includes:

  • Inverter hi-wall split systems: these are ideal for heating single rooms and open plan living spaces up to 70 m2. This is the choice of most Australian households as it’s effective, efficient and cheap to install.
  • Ducted inverter air conditioning: Ducted air conditioning uses one outdoor unit and several low profile indoor units concealed in ceilings and walls to control the temperature of multi-room spaces – an entire home, for example. These are ideal when a low profile design is important or you want to control the temperature of your entire space, such as in hotels or high end homes.
  • Cassette air conditioning: Similar to ducted air conditioning, cassette systems use a single outdoor and multiple indoor units to control the temperature of entire spaces. Great for commercial spaces and office buildings.

It’s no contest – air conditioners with inverter technology use less electricity, are better for the environment and keep you more comfortable year round. When you next buy an air conditioner, remember it’s a must-have.

Browse Carrier Air’s range of inverter air conditioners and find a specialist dealer near you.

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