Which Inverter Hi Wall Split System is right for me?


Back in 1902, when Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning he changed the world and made life a lot more comfortable. Today, Will’s invention has gone global, and we Australians can choose from hundreds of air conditioner models, all with different features and kW capacities and brand names.

To help you choose, we’ve explained what to look for when choosing an inverter hi wall split system.


What is an inverter hi wall split system?

Inverter Hi Wall split systems are powerful, compact air conditioning units that uses technology to both heat and cool rooms.

  • Hi wall refers to where these systems are usually mounted high on the wall.
  • Inverter technology is the latest and efficient air conditioning technology on the market. An inverter air conditioner regulates the speed of its compressor so that it runs continuously at optimum levels, keeping your space at the desired temperature with only small fluctuations in temperature. Non inverter air cons are not as efficient – they feature compressors that run at full speed and automatically turn off and on to maintain temperature. But temperature fluctuations are more noticeable.
  • A split system is an air conditioning system with two units – one inside and one outside. These systems cool your space by expelling hot air using the outside unit, and replacing it with circulated cool air using the inside unit.

Inverter hi wall split systems increase air circulation in your space as well as allowing you to control temperature and humidity. This makes your space healthier and more comfortable year round.


How to choose the right inverter hi wall split system

Not all inverter hi wall split systems are created equal. To choose the right one, you’ll have to select the correct kW capacity for your room size, consider warranties and extra features and look at heating and cooling performance at high and low temperatures. Here’s everything you need to know:

Room size

If you buy an air conditioner that’s too powerful for your space, you’ll use too much energy, but buy one that’s too small, and it might not heat or cool your space properly. Below is a rough guide to the air con power you’ll need to heat and cool different sized rooms:

Room sizeAir con power (kW)
5 to 20 m2 (small)2 to 2.5
20 to 40 m2 (medium)2.5 to 5
40 to 60m2 or more  (large)4 to 6+


Climate and environment

Room size isn’t the only factor that matters when choosing the size of your air conditioner. You should also consider the climate. Temperate climates like Sydney and Brisbane may need less power, while extremely hot or cold climates like Darwin or Hobart may need more.

The insulation in your space matters too. If it’s fully insulated, with double-glazed windows, curtains and shading, you may need less power to heat and cool your space.


Extra air con features

Smart features can make using your air conditioner much easier. Look for the following, all of which are included in Carrier inverter hi wall split system air conditioners:

  • WiFi control: control your air conditioner using an app on your smartphone.
  • Golden coil protection: anti corrosive coating on the outdoor heat exchanger designed to resist water droplets settling and stop rust.
  • Rapid turbo heat and cool functions: change your space’s temperature quickly so that you’re comfortable right away.
  • Self cleaning: a feature that removes moisture and prevents mould forming.
  • Sleep mode: quietly and automatically regulates the temperature of the air throughout the night.
  • X-Eco mode: maintains temperature while using less power.
  • Follow me mode: the air conditioner’s controller includes smart sensors which measure the temperature of the air around them and control the unit accordingly.
  • Long distance air flow: up to 12 metres on larger models.
  • Long warranty periods: 5 years as standard on all Carrier models.


Heating and cooling performance

Some split system units may struggle to heat or cool the air in your space when the air outside reaches a certain temperature. Make sure whichever inverter hi wall inverter split system you buy can perform at the hottest and coldest temperatures you’ll see in your region. Carrier’s inverter hi wall inverter split system units can all perform at temperatures from as low as -15 degrees celsius to as high as 46-50 degrees celsius.

The right air conditioner can transform any space and make life so much more comfortable. Take a look at Carrier’s full range of inverter hi wall inverter split systems to find one that suits you and your space.

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