7 super smart features to look for in an air conditioner controller

7 super smart features to look for in an air conditioner controller


You might think there’s not much to an air conditioner remote but that’s not true. The best AC remotes have countless smart features that make your air conditioner easier to use, more efficient and better at keeping you comfortable year round.

Want a smart AC controller that does more? Here are 7 super smart features to look out for in your next air conditioner remote.


1. Wi-fi connectivity

The gold standard in convenient, smart remotes is sitting in your pocket right now – your smartphone. If you’d rather use your phone as your AC remote, all new Carrier Air hi-wall air conditioners feature wi-fi connectivity.

Just download an app on your smartphone then tap or swipe to turn your AC on or off, adjust the temperature, select modes and set timers. Smart right?


2. Extreme temperature readiness

When it’s freezing cold outside and you turn on your air conditioner, you want to warm up fast. That’s exactly what the High Power button on your Carrier AC remote is for.

Choose your desired temperature and mode then hit the button and the AC will work at max power to quickly warm you up so that you don’t have to spend a minute feeling chilly.


3. Sleep mode

In the middle of a hot summer or the depths of a cold winter, you might want to leave your air conditioner on overnight to keep you comfortable. Before you jump into bed, just hit the ‘Eco Sleep’ button on your smart AC control.

This ingenious feature will regulate the air temperature around you while automatically moderating fan and compressor speeds to use less power. If the outside temperature drops, the unit automatically turns up the temperature so that it doesn’t blow cold air. Then, after eight hours, it’ll switch back to normal operation.


4. X-ECO Mode

Electricity can be very expensive in Australia and, during summer, your power bill might start to add up. While every Carrier air conditioner is designed to be as efficient as possible, your unit can use even less energy if you tap the ‘X-ECO’ button. The air con will decrease electrical frequency and fan speed to run even more economically while maintaining comfort.

This is perfect for long hot summers when you need to leave your air con on all day, or freezing cold winters when there’s no better way to keep warm.


5. Follow me

The average air conditioner has a thermostat inside it which measures the temperature in your room. But the problem is, most air cons are installed high on the wall and the temperature where you are could be completely different – especially if you move from room to room.

The Carrier AC remote solves this problem with the ‘Follow Me’ function. The remote has a special sensor in it which measures the temperature around the remote and uses that to control and the room temperature.

Just pop your desired temperature in and carry your remote when you move room to room and the temperature will follow you too!


6. Timer

The humble timer may seem like a simple feature but it’s one of the most useful on the Carrier air conditioner controller, allowing you to choose when your air con turns off or on. Get cold in the morning? Simply set your timer to turn the AC on and heat the room 30 minutes before you wake up. Do you forget to turn your AC off at night sometimes? Just set the timer to turn off at your usual bedtime and you won’t have to worry about remembering again.


7. LED off

Most air conditioners have LED lights on them to show you they’re on and draw your attention if the unit requires maintenance or cleaning. These can be great, but if your air conditioner is installed in your bedroom, the bright LED lights may get on your nerves shining in the dark.

Not with a Carrier air con. Simply hit the LED light to turn them on or off for comfortable, light-free sleep.

Do you want an air con with a smart remote? The Carrier AC remote has countless features that make staying comfortable year-round easier and more cost-effective. Plus some of them, like the ‘Follow Me’ feature, are just plain cool!

To buy a Carrier Air conditioner and find out more, find a specialist dealer near you.

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