Reduce your power bill with Inverter reverse cycle air conditioners


Australian summers get blazing hot and you’ll find yourself reaching for the air conditioner remote again and again (and you’ll probably do the same during winter). The problem is, running your air con constantly can cause your power bill to skyrocket.

To reduce that AC electricity bill, all you have to do is choose the right type of air conditioner for your needs and use it efficiently. Here’s what you need to know.


Choosing the right air conditioner to reduce your power bill

A high quality inverter reverse cycle air conditioner is the best option for the many of Australian households. Changing from other forms of heating and cooling to one of these can significantly reduce your AC power consumption.

The average reverse cycle system runs at 300-600% efficiency with some systems running at up to 1,000%, according to The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. That means that for every unit of electricity they use, they can turn it into 3 to 6 (or even 10) units of heating or cooling.

Inverter is another word to look for when searching for an air conditioner to reduce your power bill. Fixed speed, non-inverter systems can only run at full power and have to turn off and on again and again to maintain the same temperature. Not only is this loud and potentially annoying, it’s also inefficient.

Inverter systems, on the other hand, can adjust their power according to the temperature. That means they can run on full power to achieve your desired room temperature quickly, then reduce power to efficiently maintain it (without you having to lift a finger). This translates into quieter, smoother air conditioning that is up to 30% more efficient than fixed speed models.

The average Australian household expends about 40% of their electricity bill on heating and cooling so changing to an inverter system could reduce your power bill by 12% or more.


Other things to consider when choosing an efficient air con

Room size, climate and home condition

To make sure your air conditioner runs as efficiently as possible, you need to choose a unit that’s right for your space. If you choose well your air conditioner will run more efficiently and use less power.

As a general rule, bigger spaces need a more powerful air conditioner and vice versa. But room size isn’t the only thing to consider – you may need more power if you’re living in an extreme climate, or if your home is poorly insulated.

For more information on choosing the right size air con for your space, check out our blog.

Air conditioner brand

Only go with known brands and always check out online reviews before purchasing. Carrier is the company that invented modern air conditioning and we’ve been doing this for over a century so we’re confident that our air conditioners are amongst the most well made on the market.

Energy efficiency rating

Energy efficiency ratings (EER) score an air conditioning unit’s efficiency from one to six. As a general rule, it’s always better to go for an air conditioner with above 3 heating and cooling stars.


How to use your air conditioner for a lower electricity bill

Besides choosing the right air conditioner, the way you use the air conditioner can also save you money on your power bill.

Adjust your temperature

Turning up your air conditioner’s thermostat setting in summer and turning it down in winter, even if it’s just one or two degrees, can decrease power consumption.

Use economy and sleep modes

Carrier Allure and Aura Ultimate hi-wall inverter split system air conditioners have both eco and sleep modes. These modes heat and cool effectively and use less power so that you can be comfortable without a big spend.

Maintain yearly

A good quality air conditioner should be low maintenance and easy to use. But even the best air con needs to be looked at once a year. Having a technician check your unit and clean filters and fans every 12 months should keep it operating at its most efficient and save you money.

Want more tips on making sure your air con is as efficient as possible? Talk to a specialist Carrier Dealer near you today.

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