Hi wall inverter split system air conditioners

Carrier Australia’s range of hi-wall inverter split system air conditioners are the ultimate energy-efficient solution for keeping your home or commercial space comfortable all year round.

The Allure and Indigo ranges each feature seven different models with capacities to suit any space from 2 kW to 9.1 kW.

 Now offering 7 Year Warranty on all Carrier hi wall air conditioners!               

Choosing the right hi-wall inverter split system air conditioner for you

Selecting the right size air conditioner is just as important as selecting a high quality brand.

For help choosing the right sized system for your space, download the brochures for our Carrier air conditioners, which feature a detailed capacity guide.

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Why choose a Carrier hi-wall inverter split system air conditioner?

Carrier is the inventor of the modern air conditioner. We’ve refined our designs and technology over more than a century to create air conditioners that are effective, efficient and easy to use. 

Controlled via your smartphone

Install the Carrier App on your smartphone and you’ll be able to control your inverter split system air conditioner with the swipe of your thumb. That includes turning it off and on as well as selecting modes, timers and temperatures.


The entire Allure and Indigo range features advanced inverter technology for precise temperature control and energy efficiency. Inverter technology quickly reaches the desired temperature then adjusts the unit’s power to maintain that climate with minimal fluctuation.

Energy efficiency

The Carrier  range of hi-wall inverter split system air conditioners uses smart inverter technology and energy saving features to maximise efficiency. In fact, our Allure Series 2.6kW model is one of the most energy air cons you can buy, featuring an impressive 6.5 ZERL star rating. 

Power saving features

The Carrier Allure and Indigo inverter split system air conditioner has smart features to reduce power usage. That includes active energy control on the entire Allure and Allure plus range, which allows you to use 50%, 75% or 100% of the unit’s power to suit your energy needs.

Sleek low profile design

Our air conditioners aren’t just functional – they look great too. Carrier hi wall units feature modern, low profile design and will fit in perfectly with your interior at home or at work.

Smart features

Carrier’s hi wall systems are really smart. They feature a diagnosis feature which allows you to test 97 functions via the mobile app. Follow Me is another ingenious feature, sensing the temperature around the air con remote and using that to control the environment. 

Sleep easy

It can be hard to sleep during hot summers and chill winter nights, but not with a Carrier inverter split system air conditioner. Each unit in the Allure and Indigo ranges include sleep mode, which automatically controls the temperature while you sleep.

Self-cleaning features

Other air conditioners often fail due to corrosion and grime build-up on outdoor units – but not Carrier’s hi-wall inverter split systems. Our outdoor units feature anti-corrosive coating, while indoor hi-wall units feature self cleaning.