Aspire Hi-Walls


The Carrier Aspire range of Inverter Hi-Walls offer DC Inverter technology balanced with efficiency levels to give you a comfortable heating or air conditioning cooling solution.

With features including a 5-year warranty, silent mode, automatic error diagnosis and a customised air distribution, Carrier Aspire Inverter Hi-Walls lead the way in comfort and power saving.

Aspire Hi-Walls

Key features

  • Cooling performance even at 48°C outdoor temperature and as low as -15°C for heating
  • Customised air distribution: with three fan speeds
  • Louver position memory: when starting the unit (after shutting down), the louvers will restore to the angle originally set by the user
  • Hidden display: light can be turned off by remote controller when unit is running
  • Silent mode: the indoor unit can operate at a lower noise level. This occurs as the fan speed can shift lower, thereby reducing the sound of the indoor unit
  • Follow me mode: the sensor built into the remote controller is active and the air conditioner will regulate the room temperature based on the temperature around the remote controller
  • Automatic error diagnosis
  • 5 year warranty for consumer confidence